City of Akron Apologizes For Snow Response, Deploys Extra Crews Ahead of Cold Snap

Jan 23, 2019

The City of Akron’s efforts to plow after last weekend’s snowstorm are drawing criticism from some residents – and prompting the city to apologize. 

In Goodyear Heights, a white sedan sits in the middle of the street while its owner hacks away at the ice underneath.  The low-riding vehicle is almost impaled on a block of ice -- only one of the wheels is touching the pavement.  Darnell Boyd stopped to try and push the car out.  He says the city usually does a good job plowing, but this week has been an exception.

“It’s just hard to get around all these streets. None of these side streets is plowed. I just don’t understand it. It’s going to get worse if it freezes up, I can imagine.”

The city has hired extra crews to salt and plow ahead of the freezing temperatures coming this week. A spokeswoman says they plan to re-evaluate plowing procedures in the next few weeks to be able to respond faster in the future.