Changes to Billing and Coding Could Impact the Addiction Services Ohioans Get

May 30, 2017

Ohio is planning to change the way treatment and addiction centers are billed.

The state wants to change to the way mental health and addiction services are billed and coded, to align with national standards. But providers of those services -- already stressed because of the opioid crisis --are very concerned. 

It’s expected the redesign of billing and coding for behavioral health services would expand access to treatment for people with mental illness and drug addiction.

But some providers say their IT systems won’t be ready for the launch of that redesign on July 1, which is when the Kasich administration wanted it. Lori Criss speaks for a group of about 150 behavioral health and family services providers, and says if there are problems and payments are held up because of them, some services are at risk.

“Crisis services, for instance, something that most communities rely on to help people with mental illness and addiction," Criss says.

The House version of the budget delays the redesign launch till January 1. Criss says she hopes the Senate will keep that delay, but also will allow the larger providers who are ready to go ahead.