Case Western Reserve University Students Travel to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show

Jan 12, 2018

Case Western Reserve University will be represented at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

Student entrepreneurs from Case Western Reserve University will be showcasing their products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

The show is an opportunity for innovators around the world to mingle with buyers and suppliers, as well as potential investors.

Bob Sopko is with the students this week in Vegas. He is the director of Case’s LaunchNet program, which helps students start and manage their own businesses.

This is our fifth year, and we have 10 booths. We’ve worked hard for many years, and it’s starting to pay off. People are – from other universities, other vendors – a number of people have come up to us, ‘Yeah, I've

 heard about you guys.’ We’ve got interest from a number of media outlets that, again, they’ve seen us in the past and didn’t have time to meet with us, didn’t know if we were a player. And now we’re kind of earning our stripes.

The event drew around 180,000 visitors last year and featured 4,000 different businesses.

The show runs  through Friday.