Canton's Budget Problem Gets Bigger

Feb 4, 2016

The City of Canton’s projected $4.1 million budget shortfall this year is now a $5.1 million shortfall.  WKSU’s Tim Rudell reports on a growing problem with the general fund.

John Mariol II, Canton City Council, Ward 7

Expenses to be paid out of the city’s general fund-- for services like police and fire — were projected at $55 million.  And, revenue was projected at $51 million --down due to businesses leaving and the energy slump.

But, while working on how to cover that shortfall, City Council decided to also pay a million dollars in income tax refunds, and some other obligations this year.  So, the gap is more than $5- milllion.

Finance Committee Chairman John Mariol says it can be handled.  And, he says, he does not think police and fire will be cut.

“In the general fund, about 85 percent goes to personnel costs, and the vast majority of that to police and fire. But there is $8 million or so of non-personnel spending.  The other thing that we look at is -- people will retire. “ 

Mariol says a balanced budget will be in place as required by law in March.