Canton is Home to Ohio's First Zero Waste Store

Aug 13, 2019

Ohio’s first zero-waste store is now open for business. The Canton store sells reusable items to replace single-use disposables like straws, facial wipes and sandwich bags.

Teresa Mazey opened Empty Bin Zero Waste after spending two years selling her products at markets and festivals. She says people are taking notice.

“Everyone in Ohio is very receptive to it, which is wonderful. Getting into this I didn’t know how well it would be received, but people are excited and they’re willing to do a little bit more effort to reduce waste in their life.”

About 10 percent of the products Mazey sells are handmade by her.

She says her biggest seller has been reusable straws made of metal, bamboo or glass.

Her store is located at 310 Fourth St. NW in downtown Canton. A grand opening is scheduled for August 31st.