Canton City Council Looks to Update 100 Police Body Cameras

Mar 1, 2020

Canton City Council will decide Monday night whether to accept about $59,000 from the U.S. Department of Justice for new police body cameras.

The cameras will replace existing units that are almost five years old. The package also includes software that is more technologically advanced. Department spokesman Lt. Dennis Garren says it will make it easier to edit videos.

“These new cameras, some of them are coming with software that will allow us to redact information [such as] someone’s personal information or if there is an uncharged suspect or someone of that nature, we can blur out their face. So there’s just new technology that will make these things a lot [easier] to release when we get public records requests.”

Garren adds that the funds will be matched by the department to purchase 100 units – one for every officer who responds to dispatch calls and interacts with the public.