'Buy American' Bill Aims to Encourage Federal Contractors to Purchase U.S.-Made Goods

May 15, 2019

The state’s two U.S. Senators have teamed up to encourage federal contractors to put more effort into buying American-made products. They hope to create a digital tool to help on several fronts.

Senator Rob Portman’s “Buy American” bill requires agencies to explain their out-of-country contracts, placing that information on BuyAmerican.Gov.

Portman said this adds public accountability which allows American companies to see what opportunities are out there, and makes federal agencies think twice before seeking a waiver.

“Some of these agencies have just developed relationships with foreign firms and it’s just easier and we’re gonna make sure there’s more transparency here and that U.S. companies have a chance to compete," Portman said.

Senator Sherrod Brown is a co-sponsor of the bill.

Portman has another bill to place all federal grants and contracts online.