Brown, Others Want to Expand WARN Act to Help Workers

Nov 22, 2019

Proposed legislation aims to better protect workers from abrupt notice of layoffs and work place closures.

The “Fair Warning Act of 2019” in conjunction with the already established WARN Act, would require employers to give earlier and wider notices of impending layoffs and closures. A move lawmakers think will help better prepare workers for their job loss.

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), one of three senators introducing the legislation, says this act is about helping workers.

"We just want these companies to do the right thing and tell us. It doesn’t solve every problem but it makes the landing a little softer for families and communities," Brown said. 

Brown says too often Ohio companies have closed down with little to no notice of impending job loss.

Currently employers are required to give 60-days notice in the event of mass layoffs and closures.

The new act would require 90-days notice and the Department of Labor would have to create a database of all WARN notices.

The searchable database would allow people and lawmakers an opportunity to track layoffs and closures nationwide.