Brown Beats Renacci for Third Term in Senate

Nov 7, 2018

Ohio’s senior U.S. Senator won a third term in what was virtually the only bright spot for the state’s Democrats in this midterm election. But victory for Sherrod Brown over Congressman Jim Renacci was much narrower than many expected.

Their speeches showed how different their campaigns were — here’s Brown on his win: “You showed the country that by putting people first, and by honoring the dignity of work, we carry a state that Donald Trump won by almost double digits.”

Renacci had said President Trump had asked him to run against Brown, and that he was sticking with him. “We have an agenda of growth, we have wage rates going up, we have unemployment going down. This is the policies that I’m proud to be behind and I’m very proud to be behind this president.”

Brown’s margin of victory was just over 6 percent – much smaller than the double-digit win many polls had predicted. But it’s the first time since 1974 that a governor and U.S. Senator elected on the same ticket are from different parties.