Bringing Greater Civility to Political Discourse gets Special Attention in Greater Akron

Jan 18, 2019

Akron leaders from education, government and the community are joining forces in the formation of a Civility Center for the Greater Akron Community. 

Interim UA President John Green led the announcement

The center is being housed at the University Akron’s Bliss Institute of Applied Politics and its purpose is to foster greater civility in political discourse, especially at the local and regional levels. 

Interim university president John Green says creating clear and consistent standards for civility is a key step and the center is starting by looking at models for civility guidelines elsewhere in the country.  “Then we’ll take those ideas out into the community and talk to as many organizations and groups of people as we can to get a set of standards that fit Akron and the greater Akron community very well, where people here feel comfortable with those standards,” Green said. 

Green says the development of standards will also be dynamic to keep them relevant as the political scene changes over time.