Bounce Partners With BioEnterprise To Promote Business in Northeast Ohio

Jul 19, 2018

Akron’s Bounce Innovation Hub is partnering with a medical entrepreneurship firm to advance business creation in the region.

Bounce is collaborating with BioEnterprise, of Cleveland, to help launch startups and promote biomedical innovation in Akron.

Mike Haritakis has been named the biomedical entrepreneur-in-residence for both companies. He said Bounce surveyed Akron and the surrounding area and found that healthcare is one of its major assets.

“We can identify opportunities from different health care organizations. They may have a new medical device technology that they’re interested in commercializing, and we can bring necessary entrepreneurs to the table to actually run the business. And then we can help the whole process move forward,” Haritakis said.

He said that while they’re currently not investing in these companies, they’ll help make introductions to potential investors.