Bernie Sanders Talks GM and Education in Lordstown Stop

Apr 14, 2019

Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was in Lordstown yesterday for a town hall on education, the economy and how they’re tied to the city’s future.

The American Federation of Teachers organized the event, which is part of its process for endorsing candidates. The union’s president said teachers should be concerned about things like the layoffs at GM Lordstown, given their impact on students and their families.

Sanders spoke in the nearly packed auditorium at Lordstown High School, attacking policies which he says have led to the idling of the plant.

“What we have to decide [is] whether we are going to allow a handful of billionaires on Wall Street to close down profitable plants like the one here in Lordstown.”

Sanders also voiced his opposition to NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership during the event, which was briefly interrupted by a supporter of President Trump.