Aurora Cops Works With State Senator to Create New Legislation

Feb 8, 2018

Ohio Senator Joe Schiavoni (D) is the sponsor of Senate Bill 251 which would establish penalties for distributing "revenge porn."

It’s illegal in more than 30 states to share explicit images of people without their consent, but not in Ohio.

Members of Aurora’s Police Department are working with State Senator Joe Schiavoni on a bill which would outlaw so-called revenge porn.

The term refers to former romantic partners sharing private pictures or videos in an attempt to get even with the other.

Aurora Detective Sergeant Dan Kalk has dealt with a number of cases involving revenge porn. He says it’s hard to determine where the suspects should be prosecuted.

Anyone violating the proposed law could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.

The bill would also give victims protection from being discriminated against by universities or workplaces.