Akron's Revitalization Plans Get a Good Review

Feb 9, 2018

Akron is on the right trajectory. That’s what New York City’s Parks & Recreation Commissioner told local planners and interested citizens at a community conversation last night at Akron Civic Theater

Mitchell Sliver, an urban planner for thirty years, came to town at the request of Akron Civic Commons and its partners in working toward a more vibrant future for the city.

Mitchell Silver, New York City Parks & Recreation Commissioner
Credit Tim Rudell / WKSU

He reviewed current development plans and toured the community.  “You have some authentic features. The canal, and the locks, that is authentic to your identity.  And luckily working with Civic Commons, I see now that there is a push to really take that to the next level.  People will come here because you are authentic.  They don’t want what other people have in other places, they want to know what is authentic to you in Akron, and the towpath is.”

Silver says he’s seen a lot of comeback cities and believes Akron has the assets and unique qualities that can make it one of them.