Akron's Quick Response Team Offers Nalaxone Kits During Outreach

Oct 25, 2017

Akron's Quick Response Team will offer naloxone kits to residents who've recently experienced an opioid overdose.

Akron’s Quick Response Team has become the first in Summit County to offer residents naloxone kits and training on how to use them to counter the effects of an opioid overdose.

Joseph Natko, the district chief of the Akron Fire Department, says the effort is part of a follow-up strategy with people who recently overdosed.

“The opiate problem here in the area is a community problem, and there’s not one single thing that is going to make it go away. It takes a community effort, a public safety effort, everybody chipping away at it from whatever angle you can chip at it. And this is just one additional piece we’re throwing against it.”

Funding for the kits comes from the Summit County Board of Health. Quick Response Teams are made up of an Akron firefighters, police officerS and members of the Board of Health.

Natko says Quick Response Teams are making a difference in combating the opioid epidemic.