Akron's Mayor and Police Chief Speak Out About the City's Recent Gun Violence

Jul 16, 2018

Over the last 10 days, 16 people were wounded or killed in shooting incidents in Akron. The city’s mayor and police chief addressed the unprecedented outbreak of gun violence during a news conference Monday.

Akron Police Chief Kenneth Ball

Akron Police Chief Kenneth Ball said that, despite the spike in shootings, Akron’s crime statistics are down across the board for the year, even homicides.  But, he said, the recent deadly violence shows the need to do more.

Mayor Dan Horrigan spoke of plans for coordinated efforts from all areas, including from the faith-based communities, and for increased enforcement. 

“To send a message that this kind of violence will not be tolerated in our city, after the escalation of violence in the first week of July, the Akron Police Department immediately stepped up its presence in key areas of the city, the Arlington and Copley road corridors in particular, as well as other places where shootings had occurred.  So expect to see more officers patrolling these neighborhoods," Horrigan said.

In the recent gun violence, six of the victims died.