Akron Superintendent David James Says the Columbus Job Would be an Intriguing Professional Challenge

Feb 13, 2018

James says the Columbus job would be an intriguing professional challenge.
Credit M.L. SCHULTZE / WKSU public radio

Akron Public Schools Superintendent David James is a finalist to take over the largest public school district in the state.

At his annual state of the schools address today, he told his Akron audience he is intrigued by the professional challenge that would come with taking over Columbus City Schools. After the address, he said he thinks Akron has already tackled some of the tough issues Columbus will face, including right-sizing the district and turning adult education over to other institutions so the district can focus resources on pre-kindergarten to 12th grades.

“I think they’re interested in doing the college and career academies. That’s something that could potentially be done. And they haven’t completed their building program and we’re working on our last building.”

James noted that Columbus has not yet made its decision, but said he’d have to seriously consider it if Columbus made an offer.