Akron Prepares Phase Two of Main Street Project and Welcomes More Community Feedback

Nov 14, 2018

For the next month, the City of Akron is inviting public feedback about phase two of its $11 million project to transform Main Street.

The project will add bike lanes and landscaping, replace infrastructure underground and generally “tidy up” the road according to Project Manager Christine Jonke. She says they’ve already incorporated ideas from business owners into the plans for dedicated lanes for parking or delivery vehicles. But they’re also asking how to make the construction process itself less painful.

“Signage is a huge thing. One of the things we did with phase one is we’ve got boards in the lobbies of all the buildings, so just people passing through can see a schedule [and] see what’s coming up in the future.”

A public open house last night was sparsely attended, but Jonke says that may be because her department has already invited so much public input on how to improve Main Street. Feedback can still be submitted through December 17 at the city website or by emailing cjonke@akronohio.gov.