Akron Mayor Introduces Plan to Address Vacant Buildings

May 8, 2018

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan has introduced a plan to address vacant buildings in the city.

The mayor's spokeswoman, Ellen Lander-Nischt, says city council has received complaints about abandoned buildings throughout the city for a while. 

“Mayor Horrigan was a ward councilperson himself years ago, and a persistent problem has been vacant commercial or industrial buildings in Akron that has basically been neglected for years.”

The proposed "Vacant Building Registration" program will require owners of commercial and industrial buildings to register with the city of Akron. Owners would also have to submit a plan to rent, sell, renovate or demolish the buildings.

Lander-Nischt also says the law will also help decrease vandalism and crime to the buildings.

The legislation was introduced to Akron City Council Monday evening. The council will be voting on it in the coming weeks.