Akron Growth Council Members Hopeful for Progress After First Meeting

Jul 5, 2017

Christine Mayer of the GAR Foundation (pictured) is part of the council, which also includes, among others, Rich Kramer of Goodyear and Tom Chema of Gateway Group.

Members of Akron’s new Growth Council have high hopes for the organization following its first meeting last week.

Mayor Dan Horrigan created the council earlier this year to focus on strategic economic growth including outside investment in the city. During the first meeting, members reviewed the council’s charter and established the group’s objectives.

Christine Mayer of the GAR Foundation is one of the group’s members.

“Not only is it energizing to me to see the mayor reaching out to local CEOs but it’s equally energizing, if not more so, to see all these really busy important executives making time to really engage in some public service here and to help the city become better.”

The city has not set a public date for the next meeting but says the group will be meeting periodically over the next few months.