Akron Firm to Create New Design to Rebuild Green Schoolhouse Destroyed by Arson

Aug 11, 2017

The firm will be working with the city and the Historic Preservation Commission on the design.

Green is taking the first step to rebuild its historic schoolhouse that was destroyed by arson last year.

The city council approved Akron-based architects Braun and Steidel to make a new design for the old schoolhouse, which was located in Boettler Park. The brick shell of the building will be the base of the new construction.

The firm’s president Chas Schreckenberger says they haven’t decided if the firm will use modern building practices for the reconstruction.

“The goal is to make it usable both for this historic representation of this one-room schoolhouse and also for use for the community for other activities, so as to make it more readily utilized.”

He says those changes will be made with suggestions by his firm and the city, as well as requirements of the Green Historic Preservation Commission.