Akron Entrepreneurs Build a Connection Between the City and Its Innovators

Feb 5, 2018

Heather Roszczyk runs Akron Entrepreneurs Meet-up sessions.
Credit City of Akron / CITY OF AKRON


The city of Akron is trying to play a bigger role in guiding local startups.

Tuesday is the third Akron Entrepreneurs Meet-up event organized by the mayor’s office.

Heather Roszczyk is the innovation and entrepreneurship advocate for the city. She says bringing local entrepreneurs together helps business owners identify common problems and what the city can offer.  

In addition to convening these gatherings and helping to start the conversation, the city can’t necessarily always be the solution to the problem, but we can certainly help start the conversation and get people around the table to figure out what the solutions are.

The Akron Entrepreneurs Meet-up will be held at the Bit Factory in Akron from 6-8 p.m. 

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