Akron Company Rethinks Telemarketing

May 28, 2018

An Akron company is trying to change the way call centers interact with the public.

Aaron Christopher Evans is the founder of Drips. The company uses texting to reduce the number of telemarketing calls made by its clients.

Once a call goes unanswered, Drips will send a text to the customer explaining what the call was about and setting up a time to call again. If the customer doesn’t respond, Drips will text again the next day.

Evans believes repeated unwanted calls can be a real nuisance.

“There’s a large percentage of people who will still pick up the phone, about 20 to 25 percent of people,” he said. “If you call them to death, you call them twelve times a day for three days straight, you’re going to get another 10 percent of people on the phone but you’re going to upset a lot of them. So it’s kind of this thing where if you push too hard, you end up with diminishing returns out of the call center.”

Evans says Drips puts more power into the consumer’s hands, which ultimately means a higher success rate for his clients.