Akron City Council Passes the City's 2016 Budget

Mar 29, 2016

Akron City Council voted to adopt a budget submitted for 2016 by Mayor Dan Horrigan.  But some members were not happy with the way the $575 million spending plan was put together. 

Fourth Ward Councilman Russ Neal (left) leads a discussion of what should be considered in the next budget preparation process.
Credit Tim Rudell / WKSU

Complaints about the budget include too little council input and too little time for analysis before April 1st—when state law requires it to be in place.

Vereonica Sims and Bruce Kilby discussed spending during the Akron City Council session.
Credit Tim Rudell / WKSU

In a special session Monday, the 4th Ward’s Russ Neal called for better community involvement in next year’s budget process, while Ward 2’s Bruce Kilby questioned some of this year’s spending decisions.

“One thing that really jumps out is the mayor’s office. I understand politics.  People worked for him to get elected, and so, 'Here a job.'  OK. But maybe we have to stop and say: Do you really need a chief of staff, and a deputy chief of staff, and all these assistants to the Mayor?”

Mayor Horrigan describes the new budget as austere. But, while it includes an array of spending cuts, none will affect city safety personnel.  During the special council budget session, members also talked at length about the need to find more income for the city.