Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank Benefiting From Trump Trade War, But Still Needs Community Support

Dec 17, 2018

The Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank is on-track to get about four million extra pounds of food next year – a result of President Trump’s trade war with China. The government has been buying surplus food from farmers hurt by retaliatory tariffs, and then distributing it through food banks.

Dan Flowers, CEO of the Akron-Canton Foodbank, says the food they’re getting is of the highest quality. And he says he’s got his fingers-crossed that news of the extra food does not deter people from donating to the food bank.

“It depends on the headline [and] what they’re reading into it. Certainly a windfall of food at the food bank is a good thing. So hopefully they’ll see it as an opportunity to do more to make a bigger difference and be more involved in the work that we’re doing.”

Flowers adds that along with the extra food, they still need more community support to help store and distribute it.

Editor's Note:  This story has been updated to correct spelling errors.