Akron-Canton Airport is Changing Leadership, but Not Its Plans for the Future

Aug 8, 2018

This week the Akron-Canton Airport introduced a new CEO and announced the groundbreaking for a $32 million expansion. The construction for the project is to begin Aug. 28.  

Renato Camacho and Richard McQueen at Akron Canton Airport

Renato “Ren” Camacho will take over for retiring Akron-Canton CEO Richard McQueen in October.

He said the construction for the airport's expansion is a concourse upgrade and another step in an ongoing master plan to make the Akron-Canton Airport stronger in key operating areas. 

Akron Canton Airport entrance to gates

Camacho said, in this case, that means attracting major airlines, or so called “legacies,” that in turn attract passengers.  

“Looking at the current master plan that is embarking on the gate expansion program, that’s one opportunity where the legacy carriers are being looked at as important entity and stakeholder moving the airport forward from a passenger standpoint,” he said.

Camacho says he and his predecessor are hoping the upgrades will help reverse a trend of declining passenger traffic at the Akron-Canton Airport in recent years.