Akron Bowery Developer Seeks $2 Million for an Arcade to Link Main Street to the Canal

Feb 1, 2018

A mock-up of the Main Street Lock 4 Arcade entrance.
Credit Beth Borda / Bowery Development Group

The group behind the Bowery Project in downtown Akron is looking for an additional $2 million to add a classical arcade to the redevelopment plan.

The Bowery Development Group, made up of DeHoff Development and the Welty Building Company, is spearheading the $38 million effort to renovate part of Akron’s Main Street adjacent to the Civic Theatre.

DeHoff Vice President Beth Borda says the arcade will make it easier to transition between Main Street and the Lock 4 Canal, which flows two stories below. 

“What people will be able to do, is they’ll be able to walk into the building off Main Street and take an elevator — stairs — down to the canal and vice versa. They can walk in from the canal level, take the elevator up — stairs — up to Main Street. So you’ll be able to traverse those two areas much easier than you can now.”’

Borda says the additional money could come from loans from HUD or the City of Akron.

Once the project gets started, construction is expected to take about a year. Akron City Council will hold a hearing on the project on Monday.