AG Rejects Language Seeking Full Legalization of Marijuana

Mar 10, 2020

The language for a proposed constitutional amendment for Ohio’s fall ballot that would legalize marijuana  has been rejected. 

Backers of the proposal say it would allow voters to decide whether marijuana should be regulated like alcohol in Ohio, allowing anyone over 21 to buy marijuana like they do beer, wine or liquor. 

And they say tight controls on the state’s existing medical marijuana program prevent people who say they want the product for a medical condition from getting it.

But Attorney General Dave Yost says the proposed language makes statements that are not backed up and fails to note this amendment would be written into the constitution.

Backers have to make changes to it and resubmit it to the attorney general. That’s not unusual, but they only have until July to get it approved and gather more than 440,000 valid signatures.