ACLU Warns Against Plan to Install License Plate Scanners in Cleveland and Surrounding Suburbs

Nov 15, 2017

The ACLU says the scanners could violate privacy rights due to a database that would store license plate information.

The Ohio ACLU is warning that a plan to install a series of license plate scanners to catch criminals in Northeast Ohio could violate privacy rights.

Cuyahoga County Council has introduced legislation to buy those scanners, which officials would install in Cleveland and 18 surrounding suburbs. The ACLU’s Mike Brickner says the license plate information would be put into in a database, which could allow the government to easily track people.

“It could be very easy for the government to be able to know that you were driving to your therapist’s office or to an AA meeting or to your secret girlfriend’s home or whatever else…”

Brickner says some states have set limits for these scanners, but Ohio is not one of them.