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Getting a Third COVID Vaccination May Not Help. OH Really?

worker administers COVID-19 vaccine to patient
Kabir Bhatia
Summit County Public Health continues to offer a lottery system for getting the vaccine, while Cuyahoga County has a waiting list.

People who have received the coronavirus vaccine are wondering if it’s time for a booster.

“My name is Don Albanese. I live in Cuyahoga Falls, and I’m 76. I was wondering if it would be a good idea—and if I could—get a Johnson & Johnson shot as a backup for the Pfizer shots I had.”

Stark County Medical Director Dr. Maureen Ahmann said while that’s certainly doable, there’s no evidence that it would be useful.

“There is a caveat with that. There are a lot of travelers who are returning, who have been abroad, and maybe have gotten a vaccine that's not currently approved in the United States. And then it is actually recommended to get one of the currently approved vaccines,” Ahmann said.

She added they’re also watching the latest case numbers, which have been increasing in Ohio.

“We are not seeing our hospitalization numbers and our death rate going up in vaccinated people," she said.

And of the vaccinated people who do contract coronavirus, Ahmann said their symptoms are much less severe than in unvaccinated people.

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