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Doctors and Health Departments Working to Get You the COVID Vaccine. OH Really?

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A listener in Geauga County asks how people can find out when it's their turn for the vaccine.

Healthcare workers and people in congregate living settings are the first group receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in Ohio.

Listener Diane from Burton says, “I’m wondering when and how you find out if your group is ready to get the coronavirus vaccine.”

Geauga County Public Health Commissioner Tom Quade says, "It's a little confusing right now as the state's guidance continues to evolve with regard to the different priority groups. So far, the first couple of priority groups have been defined."

Faculty and staff at K-12 schools will be the next group to be vaccinated. But Quade says his department has created an online survey to find out who else might be eligible.

"All we're doing is asking folks for some contact information and [asking] a couple of questions about eligibility. So we'll have a question that says, 'do any of the following apply to you?' You click yes or no. We use that information then to put you in groups. And as your group becomes eligible, we'll send an email out to that entire group and say, 'give us a call, and we'll get you scheduled for your vaccine.'"

Quade says they received 1,500 responses in just the first day, and several other counties in Ohio are putting together similar surveys and websites. But he has one caution for anyone receiving a survey link.

"It does not ask for any financial information. No Social Security number. Nothing like that. If you see a survey that includes that, please don't take it."

And with information evolving so quickly, Quade says other good resources are the Ohio Department of Health website, or your own doctor.

The sign-up website is here.

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