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Nathan Reineck joined WKSU as an intern in May 2019. Nathan is a broadcast journalism student at Kent State. He’s previously been a correspondent for TV2 as well as a crew member of Teleproductions. His interests include entertainment and culture.

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a photo of a hemp plant

The Ohio Farm Bureau is taking steps to prepare Ohio farmers to grow their first crop of hemp next spring now that Gov. Mike DeWine signed a law legalizing it.

The Farm Bureau is researching best practices for growing hemp. Spokesman Ty Higgins said hemp is a crop that can be grown anywhere in Ohio.

photo of Aultman's Bedford Building

Akron Children’s Hospital has assumed the operation of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Aultman Hospital in Canton. The facility will provide care for infants who are premature or at high-risk.

Chief Operating Officer Lisa Aurilio said the new facility means Akron Children’s can serve more people in the Canton area.

photo of AIDS Memorial Quilt

The Akron Pride Festival is bringing sections of the AIDS Memorial Quilt to the Summit County Courthouse this week. The quilt, which was started 30 years ago, includes the names of 96,000 people who have died from AIDS.

The disease has killed more than 700,000 people the U.S. and nearly 32 million people globally.

photo of airship USS Macon

Historic footage of two of Akron’s most iconic airships is now being made available to the public. Archival Services at the University of Akron received a $37,000 grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation to reformat and digitize nitrate films of the USS Akron and USS Macon. Vic Fleischer is the head of Archival Services at the university. He said it’s important for the films and photos from the 1930s to be digitized not only for historical significance but also for safety.

guardsmen extingishing a fire

The Ohio National Guard has completed its largest training exercise for emergency response. Camp Garfield in Ravenna and ten other military bases around the state took part in Vigilant Guard from August 5-8.

The training evaluates response to several different emergencies ranging from cyberattacks to natural disasters. Brigadier General Stephen Rhoades said these exercises help them identify gaps in their training.

a photo of Teresa LeGrair

The new leader of the Akron Urban League will be a familiar face. Teresa LeGrair will take over as president and CEO September 3. She previously served as vice president of operations for the organization that works to support the African American community. LeGrair hopes to create more community engagement and improve existing efforts in workforce development, entrepreneurship, and education.

stock photo of newspaper classifieds

An industry analyst says more job cuts are likely at Ohio’s newspapers consolidating under Gatehouse Media. Gatehouse is purchasing Gannett Company which owns the Cincinnati Enquirer and nine smaller Ohio papers.

Newsonomics media analyst Ken Doctor said newspapers continue looking for ways to deal with declining readership and revenue.

photo of Thomas Grace

Kent State University began its schedule of events to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the May 4th shootings. The first of two speakers this week spoke in the Kiva Wednesday night. Thomas Grace is a former student and author of the book Kent State: Death and Dissent in the Long Sixties. His book examines the lives of the protestors and recounts his experience as a student.

photo of human trafficking conference

A bill offering more protections for victims of human trafficking has been introduced in the U.S. Senate. The PROTECT Act helps trafficking victims recovering from drug addiction and protects them from being prosecuted for crimes committed while being abused.

Trafficking survivor and founder of Columbus-based SWITCH National Anti-Human Trafficking Network, Dr. Marlene Carson, said traffickers find many ways to keep women in the system.

a photo of derby cars

Akron is hosting its 82nd annual All-American Soap Box Derby Saturday, where more than 400 competitors will race for college scholarships.

The event at Derby Downs begins with the first heat at 9 am.

President and CEO of the Soap Box Derby, Mark Gerberich, said it’s great to have another world championship event.

a photo of a school bus

With just over a month left until school starts, some districts are still trying to find bus drivers.

William Andexler is the coordinator of transportation at Akron Public Schools. He said, in his own district and elsewhere, they’ve recruited drivers from anywhere they could.

“I’ve had people in the [Akron Public Schools] Board office get their Commercial Driver's Licenses to drive students. So all the districts are really creative on how we get the students home,” he said.

a photo of Senator Rob Portman

Government officials discussed their proposals to relieve crowded border detention facilities.

Senator Rob Portman visited a few of these facilities that hold undocumented immigrants over the weekend. He visited the facilities with Vice President Mike Pence.

Portman said lack of funding is one of the reasons why facilities are crowded with poor conditions. He said the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was left out of the emergency border funding earlier this year.

photo of Elizabeth Perez

The Latina community is preparing for another round of ICE raids this weekend. Raids are expected to happen in large cities like Los Angeles and Houston, but an organization in northeast Ohio said immigrants here are also at risk. Veronica Dahlberg, founder of HOLA Ohio, said ICE rarely will give out all locations of raids, so Latina people should prepare.

a photo of Ben Stefanski with Carl Stokes at Edgewater Beach

The man who helped initiate efforts to clean up the Cuyahoga River was remembered in Cleveland Friday. 

Ben Stefanski, Jr. served as utilities director under former Cleveland Mayor Carl Stokes in the 1960s. Stefanski helped create the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and pass a $100 million bond issue to clean up the river, something his brother Marc said even Mayor Stokes did not think would win approval. 

A photo of Leesville Lake

Lakes in the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District are reaching record levels. That means there are some restrictions for boaters who plan to enjoy the water on the Fourth of July.

a photo of flooding on a highway

Summit County is taking a new approach to flood mitigation in the Barberton area. The county is proposing a ballot initiative this year that would ask voters to approve creating a department to oversee flooding county-wide.

Barberton Mayor William Judge said the previous idea had been to focus just on the Wolf Creek watershed, but he now believes a more regional approach would be better.

an overhead view of the location of the park

The Akron Parks Challenge announced the winners of this year’s grants. One of them will help fund a new playground at Park East, which is located between downtown Akron and Summit Lake.

The proposal came from developer Alpha Phi Alpha Homes. Executive Director Thomas Fuller said the there’s been very little attention paid to the park in the last 30 years.

a photo of a model of the NASCAR

NASCAR viewers from Akron might have noticed a familiar name on one of the race cars competing over the weekend. Northeast Ohio native Matt Tifft drove No. 36, which featured a logo from Bounce Innovation Hub.

Jeanine Black, chief marketing officer at Bounce Innovation Hub, said the opportunity to be featured on the car came unexpectedly.

Photo of a flooded rail bridge
Joe Gunderman / WKSU

Farmers around Ohio are dealing with flooding after severe storms dumped heavy rains across much of the state. The National Weather Service says Ohio has seen an average of nearly 7 inches of rain over the past month, up from the typical monthly average of less than 5 inches. Some parts of the state have gotten as much as 10 inches.

Ohio Farm Bureau Spokesman Ty Higgins says this may just be the calm before the storm.

a photo of a black bear

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources recently reported an increase in black bear sightings in northeast Ohio. Jamey Emmert of the ODNR said this is typical for the summer months in the area as young cubs leave their mothers. Bears have been spotted in Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula counties. She said most of them are young males who aren’t usually aggressive.

a photo of TV star Jim O'Heir

Akron kicks off its first parks week Saturday. They started the celebration with a video from a familiar TV star. Jim O’Heir, better known as Gary Gergich in the show Parks and Recreation, appeared in a video promoting the event. Parks director Bridget Ambrisco said the video generated nearly 20,000 views over the last two weeks.

“So we were able to pay for that cameo and we had no idea how far it would get. We got people responding from as far as Texas.”

a photo of Tri-C
Cuyahoga Community College / Instagram

Tri-C is opening a new center Tuesday in response to the growing need from the trucking industry. The Transportation Innovation Center will serve as the school’s new home for training the next generation of truckers. The facilities include interactive classrooms and a driving simulator. William Gary is executive vice president of the college’s Workforce Community and Economic Development division. He said the center meets the demands of the supply chain.

a photo of Cuyahoga Valley National Park sign

A new study shows that Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) brought in more than two million visitors who spent more than $36 million locally last year. The CVNP’s community engagement supervisor, Pam Barnes, said national parks bring in $10 of local spending for every one dollar spent on the parks. She said she hopes to see more people take an interest in visiting national parks like Cuyahoga Valley.

“We like to feature this park. It’s a way to introduce the idea of national parks and as a gateway to national parks across the country.”

Move to Amend logo

Cleveland is one of more than 25 cities across the US where activists gathered Tuesday to support the "We the People Amendment" to the Constitution. The amendment would take away corporations’ ability to fund political campaigns. Madelon Watts organized a demonstration outside Representative Marcia Fudge’s Cleveland office.  Watts said they have two main goals.

a photo of the Freedom Trail

A property dispute is forcing Summit Metroparks to rethink the path of the Freedom Trail through downtown Akron. The park system had planned to locate a portion of the trail near CSX railroad tracks at East Market Street and College Avenue. It thought the land was owned by a public transit agency. Before the final construction began, CSX claimed the land was owned by them and for safety reasons, it will not allow a trail near the tracks.