Joe Gunderman

Production Coordinator

After a degree in broadcasting and theater from BGSU, Joe’s professional radio world commenced in Archbold, Ohio, in 1979, where he was the overnight deejay.  In 1980 he transitioned to one of Ohio’s original radio stations, WSPD in Toledo.  There he became a bone fide, mulit-award winning production director, and began paying serious attention to voice.  In 1984 he came back to his hometown of Cleveland and became a full-time freelance voice artist, doing work heard all over the country.  It was during this time that he was hired as an actor once a month on the WKSU production, “Standing Rock Access,” which ran from 1984-85.  The freelance voice work has continued for over 30 years now.  In addition to the voice work, in 1986 Joe joined, as production director, the highly successful team at Lite Rock 106.5 WLTF-FM/WRMR-AM in Cleveland, which through ownership change became WLTF-FM/WWWE-AM in 1990. 

He decided to fall back to just freelance voice work in 1995, until two years later when Jim Blum accosted him at a John Gorka concert.  “We need a producer!”  And so in 1997 that Joe went to work for the kind of radio he most listened to (and was a member of):  public radio.  As WKSU’s Production Coordinator, he has been OET’s “Producer of the Year” three times.  He is responsible for much of what is pre-recorded on WKSU’s airwaves including promos and public service announcements.  He has done extensive live classical music recording for WKSU.  He produced the first several years of Folk Alley sessions, recording audio and also producing the videos of artists in our studio.  Now with Jonathan Nungesser, the producer hired to pay attention solely to Folk Alley, Joe assists, usually behind a camera. Joe’s most notable productions for WKSU are his "Holiday Stories from The Gundie Journal" (which brought together professional writers, actors and musicians for hour long radio specials in 2004 and 06 and which was an Honorable Mention at the New York Festival Awards), and the five versions of “Ornaments and Icing, Songs and Stories of the Holidays” originally distributed by NPR, which were honored with a Gabriel Award in 2001.

On the freelance voice side, Joe has been everything from the voice of American Greetings’ Creat-A-Card machines to the national voice of NPR’s digital media underwriting from 2006 thru 2013.  He takes to the stage at irregular intervals, having appeared in a one-man show at Playhouse Square in the spring of 2004, at Beck Center that same year, and Dobama Theater, Berea Summer Theater and other stages. As an avocation, he is a rather serious photographer.  Many of the still pictures on Folk Alley sessions pages are Joe’s work.

Ways to Connect

Heather Dougherty stands next to Grind2Energy storage tank
Joe Gunderman

Kent State University is adding a Grind2Energy system in the dining area of it's new Design Innovation Hub.  No food scraps pre- or post-consumer will go to a landfill, but rather will be ground and stored until it is trucked to a processing system that will turn those scraps into energy and soil enhance

photo of Julia Kucmanic, cooking manager, and Emily France, director of Campus Kitchen
Jon Nungesser

Students run Kent State's Campus Kitchen, which recovers food from area sources and provides that food to local folks who are in need.  The Kitchen provides or supplies food pantries and meals, all accomplished by student volunteers.  One such distribution is the weekly Tuesday dinner at Kentway Senior Affordable Apartments.

photo of David Hassler
Kent State Univeristy

David Hassler, Director of the Wick Poetry Center at Kent State University, tells us about two calls for poetry in anticipation of the upcoming 50th commemoration of the May 4th shootings. As an example, Charles Malone (Program & Outreach Manager, Wick Poetry Center) accompanied by Bobby Selvaggio on saxophone, reads a poem by Tiff Holland from the 20th commemoration.

photo of Doctor Joseph Ortiz

Trained in Aquatic Biology and Oceanography, Joseph Ortiz is a Professor of Geology at Kent State University.  His research takes him all over the world as he attempts to "unravel climate mysteries."  As a companion piece to our Watershed news series starting June 24, 2019, he talked with us about the current conditions of Lake Erie, from the algae blooms in the western part of the la

photo of John Saylor holding guitar pin
Joe Gunderman / WKSU

John Saylor works with the developmentally disabled, helping them with job placements and housing, to name just a little of his involvement.  But he also is a fashioner of specialty guitar pins and other parts for the instrument.  We spoke with him at the shops of Guitar Parts and More.

photo of Angela Deibel and Dr. Yanhai Du holding one type of fuel cell.

Elevations visited with Dr Yanhai Du in his fuel cell lab in the College of Aeronautics and Engineering at Kent State University.  Marketing and engineering double major Angela Deibel gave us a tour, and the two explained fuel cells, how they are constructed and some of their applications.  We also got a ride in Kent State's new Zero Emissions Vehicle, a project Ms Deibel has been team leader on for the past three years.  One might see it driving around Kent's main campus.  The vehicle is charg

Ron West is a writer, director, and actor.  He is the Roe Green Visiting Director for 2018-2019 and his "Any Resemblance" is being fully staged for the first time at Kent Theatre in April, 2019.  Last year he directed Twist Your Dickens for Portland Center Stage and his musical deLEARious for the Open Fist Theater in Los Angeles.

photo of Justin Hilton
Kent State University

Justin Hilton started out as an architectural designer, and worked with The Rock Hall, Cleveland Browns Stadium, Great Lakes Science Center and many others.  He then became an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Architectural Design and Orientation at Kent State University, garnering multiple Outstanding Teaching Award nominations.  Now he is Senior Administrator for Community Outreach.  He is deeply involved in coordinated

David's carving of The Eagle

David Warther started carving ships at 6 years old.  The grandson of Ernest "Mooney" Warther who carved the history of the steam engine, David has used blueprints and deep historical findings to create a collection that surveys sailing history, spanning from the ancient world to clipper ships.  86 ships so far, with the 87th about to be completed when we talked in March, 2019, and more to come.  They're all on display at Dav

photo of Valora Renicker
Kent State University / Kent State University

Valora Renicker, Associate Professor of Visual Communication Design at Kent State University, is co-founder of Traveling Stanzas.  In 2009 she approached David Hassler, Director of The Wick Poetry Center at Kent, and the two developed a project that combines poetry and design.  The idea is to reach out to and interract with the community using these two creative forms.  

The Architecture Building at Kent State and Dean of the School Mark Mistur
Kent State University / Kent State University

Dean Mark Mistur was named one of the top 25 most admired educators in architecture, interiors and landscape architecture in the United States for the 2nd time in 2018 by DesignIntelligence.  He talks with us about educating young architects, what draws them to the field, and what has changed.

several salt trucks plow snowy road

Dr. Anne Jefferson, associate professor in the Geology Department at Kent State University, runs the Watershed Hydrology Lab. She says we may be overdoing it when it comes to salting our roads in winter.   

Bea McPherson medal from the National Geospacial Intelligence Agency (left), Bea at map (right)
Joe Gunderman (left), archive photo (right)

Bea McPherson was in geology class at Kent in 1943 when her professor asked if a few of the women would like to be trained in map making to help the war effort.  In 2010 she was recognized by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

picture of May 4th Visitor's Center, Kent State University
Kent State University

Mindy Farmer is the director of the May 4 Visitors Center and an assistant professor of history.  Previously she served as the founding education specialist at the federal non-partisan Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum where she oversaw the Library's education and public programming.  

She holds a doctorate from The Ohio State University. 

photo of Melissa Celko
Kent State University

Melissa Celko talks about students struggling with mental health issues, including anxiety and depression.  Kent State of Wellness is an initiative set up to look at strategies to help students.

Picture of row of books on shelves.

Susan Wadsworth-Booth is the head of the Kent State University Press. She is the former Director of the Duquesne University Press and has more than 25 years of experience in scholarly publishing. 

She also taught at the University of Pennsylvania and managed public relations and campus publications at Salem International University in West Virginia.

Picture of students cooking food.
Kent State University

Amanda Woodyard, Director for Community Based Learning, and Adrienne Wilson, Nutrition and Dietetics Major at Kent State University, talked to us about how Campus Kitchen was established at Kent State University by students in 2011. The service is coordinated and run by students as a volunteer effort for the benefit of those who are food insecure in Portage County.  

Picture of Tom Jennings
Amrita Datta / Kent State University

Tom Jennings is a Pulitzer nominated print journalist turned Peabody Award winning video documentarian. He graduated from Kent State University’s school of Journalism after winning the prestigious Hearst Award while editing The Daily Kent Stater in the 1980s.  His productions have included “Diana: In Her Own Words,” “Challenger Disaster: Lost Tapes,” and “MLK: The Assassination Tapes” among many others for Smithsonian Channel, National Geographic Channel, Discovery and more.

Picture of homeless man.
Neon Flamingo Films

After seeing so many homeless in San Francisco, filmmaker Tyler Pina discovered a lot of them had been released from prison with no resources. Pina researched and produced a short film about it titled "88 Cents." The film is currently slated for film festivals internationally.

Tyler Pina is a 2014 Kent State University graduate.

Picture of trees in forest.

Anne Jefferson, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the Geology Department at Kent State University. Her team has been asked by the National Parks Service to investigate trees that won’t grow on National Park land in Northeastern Ohio which are on top of old mining sites.

The Parks Service gave Kent State a chance to do long term research at these sites which will help not just locally, but nationally and beyond.

Picture of woman with smartphone.

Chance York, Ph.D. is an assistant professor at Kent State’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. York conducts research that speaks to a possible link between social media habits and one’s genetics.