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Joe Gunderman

Production Coordinator

After a degree in broadcasting and theater from BGSU, Joe’s professional radio world commenced in Archbold, Ohio, in 1979, where he was the overnight deejay.  In 1980 he transitioned to one of Ohio’s original radio stations, WSPD in Toledo.  There he became a bone fide, mulit-award winning production director, and began paying serious attention to voice.  In 1984 he came back to his hometown of Cleveland and became a full-time freelance voice artist, doing work heard all over the country.  It was during this time that he was hired as an actor once a month on the WKSU production, “Standing Rock Access,” which ran from 1984-85.  The freelance voice work has continued for over 30 years now.  In addition to the voice work, in 1986 Joe joined, as production director, the highly successful team at Lite Rock 106.5 WLTF-FM/WRMR-AM in Cleveland, which through ownership change became WLTF-FM/WWWE-AM in 1990. 

He decided to fall back to just freelance voice work in 1995, until two years later when Jim Blum accosted him at a John Gorka concert.  “We need a producer!”  And so in 1997 that Joe went to work for the kind of radio he most listened to (and was a member of):  public radio.  As WKSU’s Production Coordinator, he has been OET’s “Producer of the Year” three times.  He is responsible for much of what is pre-recorded on WKSU’s airwaves including promos and public service announcements.  He has done extensive live classical music recording for WKSU.  He produced the first several years of Folk Alley sessions, recording audio and also producing the videos of artists in our studio.  Now with Jonathan Nungesser, the producer hired to pay attention solely to Folk Alley, Joe assists, usually behind a camera. Joe’s most notable productions for WKSU are his "Holiday Stories from The Gundie Journal" (which brought together professional writers, actors and musicians for hour long radio specials in 2004 and 06 and which was an Honorable Mention at the New York Festival Awards), and the five versions of “Ornaments and Icing, Songs and Stories of the Holidays” originally distributed by NPR, which were honored with a Gabriel Award in 2001.

On the freelance voice side, Joe has been everything from the voice of American Greetings’ Creat-A-Card machines to the national voice of NPR’s digital media underwriting from 2006 thru 2013.  He takes to the stage at irregular intervals, having appeared in a one-man show at Playhouse Square in the spring of 2004, at Beck Center that same year, and Dobama Theater, Berea Summer Theater and other stages. As an avocation, he is a rather serious photographer.  Many of the still pictures on Folk Alley sessions pages are Joe’s work.