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What Would You Like To Know About The Impeachment Inquiry?

An impeachment inquiry is underway on Capitol Hill, with public hearings scheduled to begin the week of Nov. 11.

The ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Trump can be difficult to follow. There are so many witnesses who testified, transcripts and witnesses who were called to testify but did not show up that it can seem impossible to figure out where things stand and where it's all going.

We want to ask you for your questions about the impeachment inquiry. Maybe you're curious about the process and timing. Or maybe you want to know more about how this important topic connects with your day-to-day life. What are you paying attention to? What would you like to know about the inquiry that is not part of the day-to-day coverage?

In the coming weeks and months, we'll feature some of your questions on All Things Considered, and we'll try to answer some of them on air.

Please use this form to submit your questions, and we may reach out to you for more details.

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