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The University of Akron’s Re-entry Clinic is getting a $67,000 grant from the Ohio State Bar Foundation to help people with criminal records get jobs.

The clinic offers free assistance with filing the forms the state uses to establish someone’s a good employment risk in spite of their record.

Cuyahoga County Will No Longer Book Kids With Adults

Dec 16, 2015
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The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office

The way in which Cuyahoga County juveniles are booked for offenses is changing.

The Cuyahoga County prosecutor and Juvenile Court announced today a new streamlined process that allows for juvenile offenders to be booked and evaluated directly at the county’s Juvenile Detention Center.


An environmental group and a major utility have reached an agreement that could change the future landscape of energy generation for that company. But as Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports, others aren’t so sure about that.

Dave Garcia, Associate Vice President of Strategic Management and Enrollment at Kent State
Kent State University

 Kent State University and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District are working together to give high school students the chance to earn up to $4,800 in scholarships for good grades in college prep courses. The scholarships will be offered through Raise Labs, a nonprofit company that awards small scholarships to students based on grades.

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  The federal government put a plan in motion to drastically cut down on carbon emissions from coal-power plants. But as Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports, lawmakers want to make sure they have a definitive say on how Ohio implements that plan.

Cleveland Council

 Cleveland averages an estimated 400 cases of lead poisoning each year.  During a hearing today city health and housing officials briefed council on attempts to change that.

 Some members of City Council believe the city’s lead- poisoning prevention programs must focus more on eliminating lead in homes before children become sick.  WKSU’s Kevin Niedermier reports. 

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The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals are based within a few blocks of each other on Euclid Avenue on Cleveland’s east side. But they’ve been increasingly opening offices to the south, including in Akron, a city where Summa has traditionally been dominant. WKSU’s Kabir Bhatia reports on how Summa and others can stay competitive in the face of increased consolidation.

Akron School Board Votes to Close Two Elementary Schools

Dec 15, 2015
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Beginning next school year, elementary students in Akron’s Kenmore neighborhood will move to new schools. 

Akron Public Schools  voted to close Smith and Lawndale elementary schools during its board of education meeting last night. The district says the decision to close the buildings had long been in the works. 

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The City of Akron

The U.S. EPA has approved three of the City of Akron’s alternative proposals to redo its sewer system.

The approval allows the city to add “green elements” such as constructed wetlands to help achieve low-cost water quality standards.

Public Service Director John Moore says these initial approvals are a “huge step” for the overall project.

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The Ohio Department of Education

A three-member panel appointed by the outgoing state school superintendent has come up with 22 ideas on how to reform and restore the public perception of Ohio’s troubled charter schools

Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.

The panel recommended charter schools be evaluated on similar criteria as public schools, and that grades for online and dropout recovery charter schools be included in reviews.


State lawmakers are introducing a bill to require women who have abortions or miscarriages to designate arrangements for burial or cremation of fetuses. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.

Attorney General Mike DeWine found no evidence that Planned Parenthood of Ohio was selling body parts of aborted fetuses as had been alleged in a viral video. But that doesn’t make Republican State Rep. Kyle Koehler feel any better.

“Whether they are selling body parts or simply tossing them into landfills doesn’t matter to me anymore.”

ResponsibleOhio spent $21.5 million to try to convince voters to approve the amendment.

The backers of last month’s marijuana legalization issue spent a lot of money on a campaign that voters overwhelmingly rejected. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.

Paperwork filed with the Secretary of State shows ResponsibleOhio spent $21.5 million to try to convince voters to approve the investor-backed plan for medical and recreational marijuana to be grown at 10 official sites throughout the state. Nearly all of that money came from those investors. 

Photo of a Black-throated Blue Warbler at Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Ohio
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The Greater Akron Audubon Society will hold its annual “Christmas Bird Count” this Sunday. 

The count runs for 24 hours and is open to novice and expert bird watchers. Volunteers will be assigned a specific area within a 7.5-mile radius of Front Street and Broad Boulevard in Cuyahoga Falls

Bop Stop

 The Cleveland Music Settlement -- a school that offers early childhood education, music therapy and music instruction to people of all ages -- is opening another satellite of its east side campus, this time on the city’s west side. WKSU’s Kabir Bhatia reports.

The Music Settlement announced a preschool and music program that will be housed in a building on West 25th Street, a few blocks north of the West Side Market.

Researchers Progress on Faster Alerts for Toxic Algae

Dec 14, 2015

U.S. Geological Survey researchers are working to make algae bloom predictions quicker to protect swimmers and boaters on Ohio’s waterways. Testing is underway at several Lake Erie and Ohio state park beaches. WKSU’s Kevin Niedermier reports.

Davis Besse

More hearings have been scheduled by the Public Utilities Commission on FirstEnergy's proposed rate plan, a plan that's drawn criticism from environmentalists, clergy and some business groups. WKSU's Kabir Bhatia reports.

Akron-based FirstEnergy wants an eight-year agreement that forces its subsidiaries to buy all the power produced by its Sammis coal plant near Steubenville and the Davis-Besse nuclear plant. The Public Utilities Commission has another round of hearings scheduled to start Jan. 14, a year after it began considering the plan.

Stephanie Kight

Planned Parenthood has filed suit against Ohio's health director, just two days after the state attorney general issued a report on how the group handles fetal tissue. WKSU’s Kabir Bhatia reports.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's investigation into Planned Parenthood’s affiliates found no evidence that they made money from aborted fetuses, but the report did criticize the facilities for disposing of fetal remains in landfills.


Summit County’s Developmental Disabilities Board is shutting down all six of its adult services centers. WKSU’s Tim Rudell reports on why, when, and who will be affected. 

Summit County Developmental Disabilities day centers assist clients with opportunities for piece work and what the agency calls "habilitation services."   The aim  is to help them become more integrated into the community, and expand their personal horizons.

Board spokeswoman Billie Jo David 

Planned Parenthood is suing Ohio, claiming it reinterpreted a fetal tissue disposal rule without notifying anyone and specifically to target Planned Parenthood.

The organization says in a federal lawsuit filed today that the Ohio Department of Health denied it equal protection and due process, according to Associated Press.


  Attorney General Mike DeWine’s four-month investigation into the activities of Planned Parenthood clinics in Ohio clears the organization of wrongdoing in one way but opens up questions about another practice. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.

After the high-profile videos that came out this summer that accused Planned Parenthood of selling fetal body parts, Attorney General Mike DeWine started an investigation into the organization’s three clinics statewide where abortions are performed.

“Our investigation found no evidence of that in the state of Ohio.”

A photo of Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine

Attorney General Mike DeWine’s four month investigation into the activities of Planned Parenthood clinics in Ohio clears the organization of wrongdoing in one way but opens up questions about another practice. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.

After the high profile videos that came out this summer that accused Planned Parenthood of selling fetal body parts, Attorney General Mike DeWine started an investigation into the organization’s three clinics statewide where abortions are performed.

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Residents of Youngstown are one step closer to seeing their city’s center revitalized.

Last night, students in the Kent State College of Architecture and Environmental Design displayed 150 projects aimed at developing a stronger connection between downtown and Youngstown State University.

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The Ohio House of Representatives

The Ohio House has passed a bill to help pets who need emergency medical care. 

Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles explains.

It’s rare that the House votes unanimously for anything, but lawmakers all agreed on this bill. Its sponsor, Republican Rep. Tim Ginter, says the legislation allows emergency medical personnel to provide treatment to animals.

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The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

 The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center has been awarded a $1.4 million grant from the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

The money will be used to further the center’s services for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sex trafficking.

The funds will also allow the center to expand to Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula counties, as well as to the campuses of Cleveland State and Baldwin Wallace.


  The City of Cleveland has submitted its first six-month report on progress in meeting police department reforms listed in the consent decree the city signed this spring with the Department of Justice. The report submitted to the judge overseeing the decree lists several milestones and goals for next year. WKSU’s Kevin Niedermier reports.