Photo of Prison Bars

There is one statewide issue on the ballot in this November’s election.  Issue 1 proposes to reduce prison overcrowding in Ohio by reducing the sentences of non-violent, low-level drug offenders.  Opponents argue, among other things, that it would make it harder to prosecute drug traffickers and take away power from judges to sentence or seek rehab where appropriate.

Now, the state budget office has said if it passes, it will cost local communities more money.

Exploradio Origins: We Came from Clay

23 hours ago

"We started out with a planet that was just rocks and water and gasses," says Professor Nita Sahai. "How do you go from that to something that is basically covered with life in every possible environmental niche that you look?"

Cleveland State of the City

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s State of the City speech Wednesday night focused on two issues more than any others: crime and public education. Jackson highlighted the city’s current efforts for addressing crime and a couple initiatives for education.

Jackson worked the stage at Public Auditorium for an hour, reciting numbers of sidewalks fixed, buildings demolished, police officers hired, development projects funded and so on.

M.L. Schultze / WKSU public radio

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Shuffle: Musician-Turned-Audiologist is Changing the Tune About Hearing Wellness

Oct 11, 2018
Amanda Rabinowitz / WKSU

Musician-turned-audiologist Heather Malyuk is a trained fiddle and guitar player based in Streetsboro, who owns and operates a mobile hearing wellness business. She's one of only a handful of audiologists in the country who specializes in this type of wellness for the professional music industry.