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Who's on -- and left off -- Ohio's medical marijuana task force?
Activists worry an important voice is being left out of the conversation
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Jo Ingles
Ohio's House medical marijuana task force was announced this week.
Courtesy of Statehouse News Bureau
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The Ohio House’s new task force to study medical marijuana doesn’t include some long time advocates. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.

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The task force includes Republican and Democratic lawmakers and even some fundraisers for the failed attempt to legalize marijuana last fall. But Cher Neufer with Ohio Norml is concerned about who isn’t included on that panel.

“The panel does not appear to include patients or any patient advocacy group.” 

Activists with the pro-legalization Ohio Rights Group and others who have argued for medical marijuana after working on clinical trials aren’t included either. But task force member Steve Huffman, a state representative who’s also a doctor, sees no reason to expand it.

“I am satisfied the way it is now.”

Huffman says anyone who’s not included will have a chance to testify before the panel in the next couple of months. 

Listener Comments:

How much did responsibleohio pay to be on that task force.they came out with a cartel style initiative no good for ohio then they lawmakers put them on the board.can you make it more obvious ohio lawmakers were paid off by the rich and powerful.

Posted by: christopher shafer (United States) on January 18, 2016 12:01PM
Biggest joke everm these people are evil they know marijuana is harmless they rigged the polls last nov everypne kmows it

Posted by: Tiger on January 18, 2016 12:01PM
You are "satisfied with the way it is now." You Sir, are not Ohio and do not suffer from any major illness or disease. You are not part of a board that would benefit from the medicinal use of marijuana. I am a Veteran, that suffers from a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury with permanent brain damages, cognitive dysfunctions, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and tinnitus. How can you be the voice of the people when you offer only personal opinions on the subject? I can agree with no recreational use but you have the right to drink which is not used for any rehabilitation or treatment program that I or you have seen. I would appreciate you, putting your opinions to the side and discuss a major medical issue at hand. I do not comment on alcohol so please give due process in respect.

Posted by: Zachary Allender on January 18, 2016 3:01AM
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