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Gov. Kasich participates in New Hampshire pre-debate
Ohio Governor Kasich says Republicans needs to talk about more than just economic growth

UPDATE: A Bloomberg poll released today puts Ohio Gov. John Kasich in a three-way tie with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, putting them among the top 10 GOP presidential candidates. Fox News will limit the field ofcandidates on the stage in Cleveland Thursday to the top 10 as measured by five national polls.

Three days before the first Republican Party debate in Cleveland, most of the 17 candidates appeared at the Voters First Presidential forum on C-SPAN in New Hampshire Monday. Gov. John Kasich was among those who sat down with New Hampshire talk show host Jack Heath, who asked Kasich on what issue he felt the Republican Party was wrong. Kasich responded by saying his fellow Republicans need to talk about more than just economic growth.
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Oil and gas group predicts looser regulations to be a topic at Republican debate
Group addresses policies increasing oil and gas production

Ten candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination will take the stage in Cleveland for the first debate. Immigration and foreign relations are sure to be some of the big topics discussed. But as Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports, one group hopes the candidates spend a good amount of time talking about energy security.
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New poll finds Donald Trump leading among likely GOP voters
The poll conducted by the Bliss Institute finds Trump leads with 25 percent of the vote; Gov. Kasich tied for 10th

A new poll released today by the University of Akron’s Bliss Institute of Applied Politics finds that Donald Trump leads the Republican presidential race with 25 percent among likely voters.

The poll conducted in part with Zogby Analytics also found that Trump is followed by Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich was found to be tied for tenth along with Chris Christie and Rick Perry.

John Green, director of the Bliss Institute, says the race will certainly change over the coming months and a poll like this shows that.
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Big crowds expected in Cleveland for GOP debate
City Councilman doesn't expect weekend shootings to impact excitment

Cleveland police are still looking into two shootings downtown this weekend. But City Councilman Joe Cimperman doesn’t expect the gun violence to dampen enthusiasm for Thursday’s Republican presidential debate at Quicken Loans Arena.
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Presidential candidates get ready for the Cleveland GOP debate
Candidates in the top 10 in national polls will be known tomorrow

The final cast for the Republicans’ first presidential debate should be known tomorrow. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports on the preparations for Thursday’s debate in Cleveland.
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Ohio's Republican and Democratic leaders discuss upcoming debate in Cleveland
The debate between 10 Republican president hopefuls will take place on Thursday, August 6

Gov. John Kasich recently announced he’s running for president.

This week the top 10 Republican candidates will debate in Cleveland.

These two big political events are keeping the state’s two major political parties busy – but they sat down to talk politics with Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler.  
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GOP debate this week in Cleveland means a political spotlight for Ohio
The debate and convention underscore the importance of Ohio to GOP 2016 hopes

The first Republican debate of the 2016 presidential campaign is this week in Cleveland. The ten leading GOP candidates will take the stage at Quicken Loans Arena Thursday night. As WKSU’s Kevin Niedermier reports, the event is not only politically important for the candidates, but for Ohio as well.
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Kasich learns tomorrow if he makes the GOP debate stage in Cleveland
Top headlines: Cleveland Community Police Commission meets; University of Akron trustees; Bridgestone golf and Pro Football HOF

Morning headlines for Monday, August 3, 2015:
  • Kasich learns tomorrow if he makes the GOP debate stage in Cleveland;
  • Cleveland Community Police Commission holding second public meeting;
  • University of Akron committees to discuss money troubles;
  • Three major events spotlight Northeast Ohio this week;
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame will allow late Seau's family to give speech;
  • High e. coli levels reported in Columbiana County;
  • 10th anniversary marked for explosion that killed 11 Marines in Columbus-based Lima company;
  • Senate vote on funding Planned Parenthood expected today;
  • Federal officials still reviewing evidence in fatal police shooting one year later;
  • Baby delivered shortly after mother's death dies

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    Republicans get ready for Cleveland debate
    Fox News will announce the list of republicans who made it into the top ten tomorrow

    The final cast for the Republicans’ first presidential debate should be known tomorrow including whether Governor John Kasich makes the cut. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports on the preparations for Thursday’s debate in Cleveland.
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    State and national Democrats speculate on GOP debate agenda
    What they say you won't hear Thursday night

    Some Democratic leaders are talking about what should be on the agenda during this week’s Republican presidential debate in Cleveland, especially voting rights issues.
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    Gov. Kasich on the rise in new Quinnipiac presidential poll
    Top headlines: University of Akron releases list of eliminated positions; Toledo residents stock up on water as algae bloom grows

    Morning headlines for Thursday, July 30, 2015:

  • Gov. Kasich on the rise in new Quinnipiac presidential poll
  • University of Akron releases list of eliminated positions
  • Toledo residents stock up on water as algae bloom grows
  • Historic two-room schoolhouse saved from demolition
  • State auditor will not investigate charter school grade scandal
  • Marijuana group faces deadline today for additional signatures
  • Whole Foods officially coming to Akron
  • Two Ohioans diagnosed with West Nile virus

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    Gov. Kasich visits the Ohio State Fair as governor and presidential candidate
    The event is Kasich's first major public appearance since announcing his run for the Oval Office

    The 2015 Ohio State Fair opened Wednesday with the traditional fanfare, but it was a little different this time around for the state’s top office holder.

    Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports on John Kasich’s first fair visit as a presidential candidate as well as governor.
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    Hispanic leader expects Trump to use Lake County killing in debate
    Republican presidential debate could touch on case of accused illegal Mexican immigrant, which lines up with Trump immigration stand

    Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has associated Mexican immigrants with rape, drug trafficking and other crimes, and calls for all illegal immigrants to be deported. A Lake County incident could come up when Trump and other Republican candidates debate in Cleveland next week. That’s the alleged murder, attempted rape and attempted murder in Lake County by Juan Emmanuel Razo, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. Executive Director of Cleveland’s Hispanic Alliance, Juan Molina-Crespo, believes Trump will use the Lake County crimes in the debate. But he hopes the case will also be used by less extreme candidates and policy-makers to forge immigration reform.
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    National Republicans are in Cleveland next week for a summer meeting
    The 2016 presidential convention campaign strategy on the agenda

    Hundreds of GOP officials will be in Cleveland next week to plan for their 2016 presidential convention and the presidential campaign that will follow. The Republican National Committee’s summer meeting runs Monday through Friday. WKSU’s Kevin Niedermier reports on some of the agenda items.
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    Ohio politicians rally against Planned Parenthood
    Their call to defund the family-planning agency follows release of controversial videos online

    More than 100 anti-abortion advocates rallied outside of the Statehouse to protest Planned Parenthood following the release of controversial videos online. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow was at the rally and talked to some of the state’s top leaders who came out against the organization.
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    Where Ohio's John Kasich stands in the presidential polls
    The Ohio governor needs to be in the top 10 candidates to participate in the debate hosted by Fox

    It’s been a week since Gov. John Kasich announced his bid for president. At that point, he was at the bottom of the polls.

    The Republican National Committee’s Cleveland debate is 10 days away and if he isn’t registering in the top 10 of the 16 candidates, he won’t be able to be part of that event. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles takes a look at where he stands now.
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