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This year, the political battle for Ohio voters is fiercer than ever. With a tight U.S. Senate race and mere percentage points separating the candidates for President, WKSU reporters are busy covering the story behind the stories to bring you the best information and help you make educated decisions in the November elections.

Ohio Senate race is bringing in millions
Brown's first quarter report shows he collected $2.4 million; Mandel brings in headliners Christie and McCain

On the fund raising side at least, the U.S. Senate race between Sherrod Brown and Josh Mandel is living up to expectations; it’s one of the most expensive races in the country.
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McCain helps Mandel raise more money for Ohio Senate run
Columbus appearance is followed by one with Chris Christie in a Cleveland suburb in which photos with the New Jersey governor cost $10,000

Since Josh Mandel won the Republican primary for US Senate in March, the Republican state treasurer has brought in some top names in GOP politics. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler talked with the latest big gun he brought in – a man who gets a lot of respect, but also a lot of criticism, from Republican voters
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Rock and roll and politics converge in Cleveland
New Rock Hall inductees The Red Hot Chili Peppers treat Obama campaign volunteers to concert

The Obama administration capitalized on this past weekend’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cleveland to energize young voters. New inductees The Red Hot Chili Peppers put on a free concert for campaign volunteers at the House of Blues downtown. WKSU’s Amanda Rabinowitz reports on the power of mixing music with politics.
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Bennett takes over Ohio Republican Party
Longest serving party chairman returns for an encore

Robert Bennett is back as chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. GOP central committee members unanimously picked him this morning to replace Kevin DeWine, who resigned under pressure from allies of Gov. John Kasich.  Bennett headed the party from 1988 through 2009, the longest tenure in Ohio history. He said this morning that his efforts to unify the party will be boosted by Republicans’ desire to oust President Obama from the White House. No Republican has ever won a presidential race without winning Ohio.  Bennett will fill out the rest of DeWine’s two-year term.

On the state Democratic Party side, Chairman Chris Redfern easily beat back a challenge this week from Lorain County's Anthony Giardini.    
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Bennett wants to head the Ohio GOP through 2014
Ohio's longest serving Republican Party chairman returns to his old post

The Ohio Republican Party is returning to familiar leadership. As expected, longtime Chairman Bob Bennett was officially been sworn into that post again today.  Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles has details.
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Ohio Dems give chairman another term
Chris Redfern beats back a challenge from a Lorain County attorney

Ohio Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern keeps that position for another two years, after beating back a challenge from a Lorain County attorney. But Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler reports, he may have his work cut out for him.
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Quinnipiac poll says Brown's lead over Mandel is shrinking
Brown still leading by 10 points

Ohio’s election this year for a U.S. Senate seat could help decide whether Democrats or Republicans control the chamber. A new independent poll has results that both Ohio candidates can tout.

Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen explains.
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Ohio leans Obama's way
Newest Quinnipiac Poll shows president leads GOP's top contenders

A new independent poll shows President Obama is expanding his lead in Ohio over the Republicans’ top two contenders for the presidency, and it’s a similar story in two other key swing states. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen has the numbers.
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Election law repeal bill passes Ohio Senate
Now the controversial bill moves to the House

The Ohio Senate has voted, along party lines, to repeal an election reform law that’s been put on the November ballot for a referendum vote.
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Catholics here and nationwide protest federal plans to mandate birth control in employee health plans
Demonstrators call it an attack on religious freedom

Hundreds of Northeast Ohio Catholics gathered in downtown Cleveland today to protest a planned federal healthcare policy. It was one of more than one-hundred similar demonstrations across the country against a mandate that employers include abortion drugs, contraceptives and sterilization in their employee health care coverage.                         

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It took awhile, but Romney takes Ohio

Mitt Romney has squeaked out a win over Rick Santorum in Ohio’s Republican presidential primary. The unofficial count has Romney with about 38 percent of the vote…and Santorum with about 37. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports that the overall vote may not reflect how many of the 63 GOP convention delegates that were up for grabs will go to each contender.
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Romney wins Ohio
Narrowly edges Rick Santorum

Mitt Romney has won the state of Ohio, beating former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum by less than a percentage point. Santorum received 439, 383 votes to Romney's 450, 464 (with 98% of the precincts reporting).
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Romney's win over Santorum came with the help of urban areas
But an energized socially conservative base gave Ohio a big red look

Ohio, once again, was the consummate swing state on Tuesday. Razor-thin margins kept anyone from definitely calling the race for Mitt Romney until after midnight. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze spoke with John Green, the director of the University of Akron’s Ray C. Bliss Institute about how the Ohio votes broke down, and how social issues became significant in a race supposed to be dominated by the economy.
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Mandel skates to victory
State Treasurer Josh Mandel will take on Incumbent Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown this fall

Republican State Treasurer Josh Mandel will take on Incumbent Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown this fall. Mandel easily won the G-O-P primary over five other opponents, getting 63 percent of the total votes statewide. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.
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Kucinich, Schmidt among incumbents to lose
But redistricting makes elections look tame in the fall

There were some surprises in the Congressional races last night. But as Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler reports, the experts are saying the November vote won’t be nearly as exciting.
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Judge linked to corruption loses race in Cuyahoga County
Judge Russo was linked to corruption in Cuyahoga County's former government structure

A juvenile court judge accused of fixing cases for former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora has come in dead last in a five-way race to retain his seat. WKSU's Kabir Bhatia reports.
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