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Ohioans Are Complaining about Nuisance Geese

Photo of geese in a pond
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Last week marked the start of spring, which also means it’s the start of the nesting season for a common resident – the Canada goose.

Laurie Graber of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division says the agency has already received complaints about geese this week.

“It was like somebody flipped a switch on Monday. It’s been relatively quiet until this week and all of a sudden, I’m receiving calls left and right about geese that are nesting by door entrances and being aggressive to people and geese that have eggs in the nest now.”

Graber has tips and solutions on how to deal with these feathered neighbors. She says don’t feed the geese as they will become more aggressive and are more inclined to attack.

She also says if you are approached by an attacking goose, slowly back away while maintaining direct eye contact.

Geese are federally protected waterfowl. It’s illegal to kill, trap or harass nesting birds.

For more information about geese, you can visit wildlife.ohio.gov.