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Warming Weather Could Cause Dangerous Road Conditions

photo of salt truck
Melting snow has a domino effect on roads and waterways.

A Cleveland official says snowplow crews have been working around the clock to clear roads after this week’s snowfall. But potentially warmer temperatures this weekend could create new problems.

Some Cleveland snowplow drivers are working 12-hour shifts, and others are on regular hours, meaning the city can field between 44 and more than 50 plows at a time.

That’s according to City Chief of Operations Darnell Brown. Gusts of wind blowing snow back onto  streets made for an additional challenge, he says.

“Just like it was difficult for commuters, it was difficult for the folks that were out there operating in the snow fleet to understand the impact we were having," said Brown.

He says now he’s concerned about what happens to all that snow this weekend if things start to warm up.

“Warming means melting snow, so slushy, icy conditions. And then the melting, that affects levels in rivers, streams, etc., so flooding then becomes something we’d be concerned about.”

Brown says the city has 51,000 tons of salt at the ready to clear roads of snow and ice.