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Mission, Vision, Principles, Ethics Policy and Values

Mission Statement

  • WKSU creates a shared civic and cultural life that connects communities through a diverse mix of media and that extends the heritage of Kent State University.

Vision Statement

  • WKSU is committed to building relationships with communities of listeners whose lives are enriched with news, information and cultural offerings that utilize appropriate media platforms.
  • WKSU will leverage its strengths as Ohio's leading public radio station by providing distinctive regional coverage that has national appeal and that capitalizes on WKSU's increasingly valued role as a media institution for the region.

Guiding Principles

  • Increase public service by providing significant programming for significant audiences in the appropriate media platforms with content that meets audience needs, exceeds customer expectations, is delivered promptly, and focuses on news, classical music, and folk music.
  • Adopt an outcome-driven approach that establishes goals and determines desired results in all aspects of our work, including but not limited to on-air delivery and content, financial return, promotional objectives, and performance standards.
  • Promote WKSU's role as a community-based institution in the region that works with listeners and members, corporate and non-profit communities, foundations, media partners, Kent State University, and WKSU Community Advisory Council members.
  • Develop a workforce of talented professionals by actively encouraging and supporting professional development opportunities, stronger and more effective working relationships, and growth within the organization.

WKSU News Ethics Policy

  • WKSU's journalists have a responsability to their community to produce stories to the highest standards and to consistently represent themselves in an appropriate and unbiased manner. As such WKSU News has crafted a Code of Ethics to ensure that each of its journalists make informed and fair decisions in their reporting. It also provides guidance for it journalists about their responsiblities in representing WKSU, public radio and journalists in the communities in which they work and live. Our goal is to be transparent in the work we do and the decisions we make.



Core Values

  • Service - We work with honesty and openness-placing service above self.
  • Collaboration - We believe that working in collaboration with others strengthens our ability to fulfill our mission.
  • Quality - We aspire to the highest standards of performance in our work and professional relationships.
  • Stewardship - As stewards of WKSU, a noncommercial public trust, we manage the resources entrusted to us with integrity and accountability.
  • Diversity - Diversity is integral to our mission, and we value it in all of our activities.