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2018 Murrow Awards - News Series

Beginning in late May, WKSU News presented Navigating the Path to Mental Health, a six-part series that took a deep dive into access and availability issues surrounding mental health care in Northeast Ohio. Reports aired Tuesday mornings through July and were accompanied by additional information and resources online and a free community forum in late June.

Nearly a fifth of Americans (around 43 million people) have a mental health condition - and, a majority of that group lack access to the care they need. Statistics show mental health issues have been increasing over the last several years and more than half of Ohio residents say they have needs dealing with them that aren't being met. The reports in this series identified the obstacles that stand in the path to getting the help and examined the available resources.

Topics covered by the WKSU news staff included stigma attached to mental illness, mental health "deserts," the path to finding the right help, obstacles to access, and training and awareness for first responders. The series concluded with a personal piece by a Kent State student newsroom intern about her experience with involuntary commitment.