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APME 2016 - Enterprise - Exploradio

Our lives are immersed in materials and inventions that got their start in a lab somewhere.  But there’s often a sizable gap in our grasp of science and innovation compared to its impact on our daily lives. Exploradio delves deep into groundbreaking research to share stories of science and discovery and bridge the gap between the science that surrounds us and our understanding of it.

Exploradio is a twice-monthly exploration of science and innovation in Northeast Ohio.  As a former scientist, host Jeff St. Clair considers it a privilege to meet incredibly interesting researchers and business leaders who are at the top of their field, translating their work into compelling radio that tells a meaningful story.

In these select examples, St. Clair took advantage of the loud reemergence of the 17-year cicadas in Ohio to show how times have changed for researches in a time of growing social media and Internet exposure. His Exploradio piece on the Broadway hit ‘Kinky Boots’ demonstrated how a theatrical work could mirror societal understanding of masculine roles as they have changed in the 20th and 21st centuries. The kestrel is a miniature predatory falcon who is fighting a loss of habit with the help of local students.

Studying masculinity and parenting through the lens of a Broadway show
Efforts to help a pint-sized predator