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Akron Startup Receives Funding for Dehydration Detection Fabric

photo of a man sweating in a tshirt
The fabric being developed by RooSense would indicate a person's hydration level.

RooSense, An Akron Based Start-up, is getting a $25,000 grant to further its research on a fabric it's developing that can help you monitor your body’s electrolytes. 

The technology can be utilized to help users come up with a better hydration plan tailored to their body.

RooSense founder Chelsea Monty-Bromer says the material can be used to help athletes and other individuals better hydrate their bodies.

“Once they wear it more often then we can learn more about how people sweat, how much sodium they lose, how that affects their performance, how it affects their health," she said. 

With the grant from Innovation Fund Northeast Ohio, the company wants to continue to do more research with the hopes of helping athletes and possibly implementing the technology into the medical field.

“Because it’s a fabric material you can think about it in every hospital gown to give doctors an idea about the hydration level of their patients without having to do any kind of tests," Monty-Bromer said. "It would just be constantly monitoring them.”

The company is also hoping to create an app to help analyze their research data with the money received. 

RooSense has been working with Ronald Otterstetter and his team in the University of Akron's exercise science department for on-body testing of the product. 

The company’s goal is to get this new fabric to the market in two years.