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Influential Lobbying Group Will Support Heartbeat Bill


One of the most influential lobby groups at the Ohio Statehouse has come out with its legislative priorities for this year. Topping the list is a controversial abortion bill that’s expected to be re-introduced soon after being vetoed twice by former Gov. John Kasich. 

This time, when the bill to ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected is reintroduced, Ohio Right to Life will be backing it. The group had remained neutral on that legislation in the past but Jamieson Gordon said, recently, it’s had a change of heart due to a change in the nation’s highest court.

“This is a very, very originalist Supreme Court that we think will be more favorable to a challenge of Roe  vs. Wade.” 

Two Republican women lawmakers are expected to introduce it soon, and Gov. Mike DeWine has said he’ll sign it. Ohio Right to Life also wants a law requiring burial or cremation of fetal remains and legislation requiring women be given information on how to reverse medication abortions.