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Dayton and Lorain Announce They're Suing Two Dozen Painkiller Manufacturers and Distributors

photo of Nan Whaley

City officials around the state are mounting a charge again opioid drug companies, following the state’s announcement to sue manufacturers of powerful painkillers. 

A gubernatorial candidate is helping lead the charge.

The cities of Dayton and Lorain are suing nearly two dozen drug manufacturers and distributors.

Democratic Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley says the drug companies misled doctors in thinking that the pills were not addictive.

A similar argument in the lawsuit Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine filed last week. But DeWine went after just the manufacturers, not the distributors. Whaley says the responsibility for the crisis is a broad one.

“We’ve always had the plan to hold everyone accountable and definitely distributors and manufacturers are culpable in it,” she said.

DeWine is expected to run for governor next year. Whaley mentioned action against drug companies in launching her campaignfor the office last month.