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Grounded: The Dehubbing of the Region's Airports

Grounded: The Dehubbing of the Region's Airports

In 2014, less than four years after Continental and United announced they were merging, United shut down its hub at Cleveland Hopkins Airport.  The number of nonstop flights offered by United  is now a quarter of what it once was.   But the loss of direct access to many destinations around the country was just the latest blow to air travel in the region.  In the last decade, Pittsburgh also lost its hub status, and Cincinnati has seen the number of direct flights reduced drastically.

Grounded: The Dehubbing of the Region’s Airports is presented with support from the Kent State University College of Business Administration, Ohio State Chiropractic Association, and Bender’s Tavern.

For the casual traveler, the loss of direct flights to/from many cities has made flying less convenient but at the same time, less expensive. What’s been the impact on businesses located here?  Has it caused companies to reconsider the region as for their headquarters or operations?  And what of the business traveller?  We'd love to hear your own travel experiences, bad or good.  Share with us on Twitter or Facebook, and please include #flyingfiasco with your post!

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