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Tim Ryan Calls on Congress to Pass Legislation to Lower Drug Prices

Rep. Tim Ryan
Kevin Niedermier
Rep. Tim Ryan is calling on Congress to support the Lower Drug Costs Now Act that would permit Medicare to negotiate lower drug costs. Advocates of the legislation say this would reduce drug prices.

Congressman Tim Ryan is calling on his colleagues to pass legislation that would lower prescription drug prices.

Ryan supports the Lower Drug Costs Now Act that would give Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug costs, which advocates say is the most effective way to bring drug prices down.

Lourdes Barroso de Padilla spoke with Ryan during a press conference about her experiences with drug costs. Her sister is 58 years old and suffers from severe diabetes. Barroso de Padilla says drug costs put unnecessary pressure on chronically ill people and their families.

Barroso de Padilla: high drug costs cause more stress

“The cost of prescription drugs should not put a family in crisis because the illness already does,” she said.

Ryan says the bill would not only help families, but it would also put money into the economy by stopping it from going just to the prescription drug industry.