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Cleveland Lighthouse May Be Up for Sale Soon

Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Light
General Services Administration
The Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Light is located where the Cuyahoga River meets Lake Erie. The lighthouse is being offered to nonprofits at no cost, and if there is no interest, it will be put up for sale.

A lighthouse in Cleveland may be up for sale soon. The Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Light is currently being offered to nonprofit organizations at no cost. But if there is no interest, the property will be up for grabs.

You’ll find the lighthouse where the Cuyahoga River meets Lake Erie. It was built in 1911 but now has been deemed excess to the needs of the Coast Guard. Through the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act, the General Services Administration is looking for a new steward for the lighthouse. And Barbara Salfity with the GSA says there’s already interest.

Fairport Lighthouse
Sheila Consaul
The Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light was purchased by Sheila Consaul in 2011.

“There are people who are really dedicated to the preservation of lighthouses so we have gotten a bunch of calls already,” she said.

If a viable steward is not found for the property, it will be auctioned off to a private owner. Sheila Consaul went through this process in 2011 when she bought the Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light, east of Cleveland. She’s found owning a lighthouse to be a big commitment.

“The restoration is still ongoing. It’s not done, and I’ve owned it for 10 years,” she said.

But she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s well worth it. It’s well worth saving a piece of history,” she said.

For interested nonprofits, Salfity advised that the application process is thorough.

Salfity on application process

“The application process will have the nonprofit entities show that they have the wherewithal to raise funds for any needed capital improvements, as well as the ability to run and operate the light for public access," she said.

No matter who takes over the lighthouse, the Coast Guard will continue to operate the fog signal and the light itself.

Abigail Bottar is a junior at Kent State University. She is pursuing a major in political science with a concentration in American politics and minors in history and women's studies. Additionally, Abigail is starting her second semester copy editing for The Burr.